JavaScript Programming

Just a few JavaScript programs


A script for animation using the requestAnimationFrame() API

T{} conveniently provides RAF timing functionality to any and multiple objects. Objects using T{} must include a tick() method and this is the RAF callback that includes the elapsed time data argument. Objects can easily be animated by adding and removing themselves to T{}. T{} is a singleton object and so there should only be one per program.



Realism by easing in, out, both and many more settings

This script provides tweening to your animations using RAF. A tween is defined by a duration time length over which a value will transition successively from a start value to an end value. This script will calculate the current value of a property, between a pair of end point values, over time, upto a duration length of time.



Auto-formatting tel data entry while you type

This script will format an input of type="text" or type="tel" into XXX-XXX-XXXX.



A button for scrolling back up to the top

This script will scroll a page smoothly to the top at the click of button. A button that you will want to place near the bottom of the page.


License - gpl

Everything is free with no restriction except of course re-sale.

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