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Requisite skills and experience

As a Web Design enthusiast I can bring you in the loop and help you get the best the internet has to offer. I can code it up, write it up, export and render, in just a few hours. And we're live. I can help reach your goals, ensure your expectations are met, that your vision comes into fruition, all in a timely manner so it is well worth the time and effort.

An investors paradise

The internet virtual world is a real world. Many the viable business model is only online-based, without a physical address. There is tremendous existing opportunities and opportunities yet to be discovered. It just takes a few clicks, that can turn into regular site visitors and steady traffic at which point you are in business. Managing your own content on your own domain is highly desirable for anyone and everyone. I can get you in the game so you can begin exploring new and existing opportunities. I have been at it for years and it hasn't happenned for me yet, but it may soon, and it may much sooner for you. It is not fake. People are getting rich.

You're invited

People are looking for each other online. Engaging in the community begins and ends with an online presence, with profiles and posts on facebook, tweets on twitter, etc. You can do a lot on social media but you may have concerns about ownership rights. You can retain ownership of your digital media and data, you can customize outside the scope and limitations of each respective platform, you can create more interesting and versatile profiles and posts, you can collect and own data for yourself just like the big coorporations and more. I can be your goto guy for your online digital media and other data, enabling your internet endeavours as they arise. I can focus on the technology for you while you focus on the relationships, the market and business.

Ready to start

When you start looking online for yourself by yourself, and compare options and pricing, things can seem daunting at first with the wide array configs available. You just need a domain name and a web hosting(cpanel) account. There are various domain name providers for example www.namecheap.com. Domains usually cost only about $20/year. Basic Web Hosting packages can be bought separately and they range from $20-100/year. An example of a $20/year option is the first of the three Web Hosting packages offerred at SecureDragon.net.

Private & Professional Email

Email contact info is a must have. Free services like gmail or hotmail are great but you may have privacy concerns. Most internet service providers offer email accounts but those accounts expire when the internet service provider changes. There are highly affordable and easy to use server options. CPanel Web Hosting accounts as mentioned above include email for free.


W3CSS Templates

In my opinion, the single best source for rapid html5 responsive web design & development technologes available today are the following forty templates by w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_templates.asp. The following are screenshots of six of the mentioned forty templates offered.

Band Template

Gourmet Catering Template

Architect Template

Parallax(Scrolling Background)

Rental Properties

Retail Store

W3CSS/ Tech as a Framework

The templates mentioned above are part of an html/css technology framework. So the forty designs can be cut up and mixed and matched into hundreds of templates. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, the last template labelled "kitchen Sink"(denoting a page containing a full set of design elements) is loaded with a full gambit of commonly needed designs. Kitchen Sink template: w3css/tryw3css_templates_red.htm.

Kitchen Sink

There is more. Here is an extensive list of individual design elements: w3css/w3css_examples.asp.

Custom Tech

I have an extensive library of awesome designs and code of my own. I have important code for ensuring web pages load instantly, run smooth, and are secure and stable. And I have important scripts for authentication, cryptography, animations and more. See some at my github.com/nadeemelahi. For the most part, the w3css templates are full and complete, but there are tweaks that you will want and need for your specialized purposes. And various enhancements, that will add a bit more pizzazz to the design. I have the required skills, to make those tweaks and with my extensive library mentioned, to soup up the already awesome w3css templates to even more awesomeness.

For example, the basic carousels are great, but I can offer high end carousels with speed technology, enhanced animations and viewports optimizations. Some templates use basic header navigations on the phone viewport. I can fit in popular slide ins and drop downs instead. And there are numerous enhancements in the new html5 webdesign space that has yet to come to fruitition in its entirety and so I can offer cutting edge design elements that is sure to stand out and create a very unique web precense that is sure to impress your website visitors. I have a whole bunch of essential and powerful web scripts for you.


  • Starter Website
  • About 2 to 6 hours
  • Express Template Editing
  • Basic Graphcs & Programming
  • 1-3 pages
  • $50 - $250

  • Premium Website
  • 7 hours or more
  • Template Editing & Polish
  • Extensive Graphics & Coding
  • 4 pages and up
  • $300 & up

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