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HSR Trip planner: Still under development but I've posted what I have so far. So far you can search all stops, select upto two stops, and view the available buses for that stop for a given weekday/saturday/sun and hour.

View Hamilton's HSR Bus live data feed on google maps.

Free gtfs app | Game of Life

html5 Canvas Animation Class >>

UX / UI Design

Phone and Tablet Designs including Twitter Bootstrap

Image graphics editing in SVG and Raster using Gimp and Inkscape

html markup, css design styling, javascripting

Advanced DOM selecting and manipulating using jQuery

HTML5 Canvas jQuery sliders

Software Programming

Cross platform HTML5 and Optimized as Phones and Tablet Apps

Mobile and Tablet Optimized forms, navigation, and content.

Browser Javascripting in various patterns

Server scripting in Nodejs including REST database management

Real-time data and messaging

Secured Pages

Web Cryptography and SSL server setup

Access control using signed Cookie id